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Stanley’s Christmas Village

Bring your family and friends and experience Christmas through the eyes of an ELF!

Have you ever wondered how Santa gets around the whole world in just one night? The secret is that there are Elf Outposts all over the world. These Elf Villages are responsible for the sorting of mail, production of toys, gift wrapping, and kid tracking for their local area. Last winter while on a moonlit sleigh ride with his family on Christmas Eve, Mr. Stanley heard a strange noise. It sounded like tiny voices singing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”! Peeking through the bows of cedar trees The Stanley’s were amazed to discover one of these secret villages.

Little elves danced and sang around a bonfire, celebrating a year of hard work well done! The head elf, soon to be known as the C.E.O spotted Mr. Stanley and his family and invited them to come join the party. Now with the help of The Stanley Family the village has full use of the farm to help make their Christmas magic, and in return they’ve opened their home to you! BOOK NOW

Stanley's Christmas Village Map CEO Office Curby Wrapping Warehouse The Stables Herme's Dental Office Candy Cane Daycare The Caves Bonfire Coming Soon - Frosty's Hideaway Coming Soon - SugarPlum Playground

The Experience

Upon your arrival at the Stonehouse Gift Shoppe you will be greeted by a real life Christmas Elf! Your whimsical guide will then whisk you away on a magical horse drawn ride through the forest to an enchanted village tucked away amongst the warmth of the tall green cedars. Take a walk through the village and see what there is to see! Each family will have a chance to meet with our Chief Elf Officer who will personally see to it that your letters to Santa get to the big man himself! Everyone will leave with a special something and have a chance to warm up with a hot cup of cocoa upon returning to the gift shoppe. To learn more keep reading or BOOK NOW!

The Wrapping Warehouse

The toys and gifts are shipped in from the local Tinker Toy Shops and expertly selected and wrapped by the elves. Being an Expert Gift Wrapper requires years of specialty training and a degree in Tape & Scissorneering with a minor in Tissue-Paperology. On Christmas Eve after the last gift goes out this is the location of WRAP-A-PALOOZA – featuring hit Elfian Musical Acts - DJ Jazzy Elf, Holly & Ivy, ELFis, ELFMFAO and more!

Herme’s Dental Office

After returning from the Island of Misfit Toys, Herme realized his dream of becoming a dentist. With an Elfian diet consisting of Candy Canes, Candy Corn, Candy Floss, & Syrup there was a lot of work to be done and Herme was soon able to open franchise locations all over the world at each Elf outpost!

Candy Cane Daycare

Christmas is all about the kids! And the C.E.O made sure that each of Santa’s little helpers could bring their Elfkins along for the big move. Now each Elf Outpost has a fully structured daycare program. The little Elfkins are fed a nutritious diet following the Elfian Food Guide that includes all four major food groups, (Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corn & Syrup) and take part in a daily routine consisting of Carol Singing, Cookie Baking, Snow Ball Making, Bow Tying and Egg Nogging.

The Stables

Here is where the reindeer in training live. Exercising daily to strengthen their muscles, learning how to fly and land on rooftops without making a sound. Each year on Boxing Day Santa picks the best recruits to make their way up to the North Pole to get ready for next year’s flight. Christmas reindeer are fed a special blend of pixie dust, oats & sugar plums, making them invisible to the human eye… but if you look carefully you can see the occasional tiny hoof print or catch a glimpse of a blinky red nose in the distance.

C.E.O Station

This is where the real magic happens! The Chief Elf Officer oversees all the activities here at the Elf Out Post. Being Santa’s Right Hand Elf is a big responsibility and something that our C.E.O takes very seriously. They’re in charge of making a list and checking it twice of all the local boys & girls who have been extra specially good this year. Also they gather all of the local mail for Santa and transport it using the latest RIM (Reindeer In Motion) Technology to the North Pole Head Office.


Curby was a fantastic Postal Truck. His favourite time of year to deliver mail was Christmas, because everyone was always so happy to send and receive, Christmas cards, letters & packages. He would travel the roads of Ottawa whistling his favourite carols, catching snowflakes on his tongue. But with the invention of email, our poor Postal Truck friend found himself out of a job. Santa having watched Curby all these years, was so impressed with his Christmas spirit that he made him an honourary Elf! Curby now travels (with the help of the latest RIM technology) from Elf Outpost to Elf Outpost to the North Pole Head Office delivering letters to Santa from Children all over the world.

The Cave

Legend has it that shortly after our magical friends moved in… a fuzzy green family of Christmas’ most notorious trouble makers set up camp next door. They’re always causing mischief and are often the ones behind an incoming snow ball. Keep your eyes peeled… you never know who might pop up!

Coming Soon…
Frosty’s Hide-A-Way
Sugar Plum Playground


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